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Under the Agreement between the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine on cooperation in the field of education and science dated September 14, 2010, the Ukrainian side allocated 40 educational grants for citizens of Kazakhstan for the 2020–2021 academic year.

According to the results of the meeting of the Competition Commission, composed of representatives of educational institutions and state bodies, 18 people were recommended for admission. The final decision on the award of an educational grant will be made by the Ukrainian side.

ATTENTION!!! Candidates recommended for study at the expense of the state budget of Ukraine arrive in higher education institutions of Ukraine from August 25 to September 01, 2020 and personally submit the following documents in paper form to the appropriate unit / selection committee:

a) a document (the original and its copy) about the previously obtained education (educational qualification), on the basis of which admission is made;

b) the application (the original and its copy) to the document on previously obtained education (educational qualification), on the basis of which admission is made;

c) a copy of the passport;

d) medical insurance policy;

d) 4 photos 3 × 4 cm in size.

The documents specified in paragraphs a), b), c) must be translated into Ukrainian and notarized.

The documents specified in paragraphs a), b) must be officially certified in accordance with the legislation of the country of issue and legalized by the Embassy of Ukraine in the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Applicants also need to purchase health insurance, which includes outpatient and inpatient care.

A list of recommended applicants can be found here.

JSC «Centre for International Programmes»

Several projects for launching 3D simulators in training developed the Bolashaq graduate program Sapargali Karauylbaev


In 2011, the head of the Department of Applied Informatics and Programming of the Taraz State University named after M. Kh. Dulati (TarSU) received a Ph.D.

After defending his dissertation, Sapargali Karauylbaev continued his scientific and pedagogical work at TarSU and developed several projects in the direction of 3D simulators in training: “Computer-based educational and business games in education and educational computer simulators of production processes” and “Development and experimental use of computer psychodiagnostics and 3D psycho-correction simulators ".

“I think that the education of youth in the leading universities of the world is the driver of the economy and education of our country. And I, as a graduate of the Bolashaq Presidential Scholarship, strive to transfer knowledge to my students, instill in them a desire for innovative thinking, for learning new technologies. I am proud that all Bolashaq scholarship holders, like me, having completed their studies, are working for the good of our Homeland, ”says the scholarship holder.

He published a Kazakh-language textbook Programming in Python, regularly shares his research experience with colleagues, publishes scientific articles in journals, and speaks at conferences and webinars.

According to the materials of the magazine «Bolashaq»: https://ru.calameo.com/read/006104428d72119cb7d64

Graduate of “Bolashaq” programme appointed for a new position

Жанат Жахметова

Zhanat Zhakhmetova, a graduate of the Bolashaq programme, has been appointed Vice Minister of Energy of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Congratulations! We wish you success in a new place!

Latvian state fellowships

Латвия мемл стип

Citizens of about 40 countries in Asia, Europe, North and South America can apply for Latvian state scholarships for:

- training (10–11 months) in undergraduate, graduate and doctoral programmes;

- conducting research (up to 5 months) for scientific and research workers of universities or employees of research institutions;

- participation in summer schools for students and faculty of foreign universities.

Languages​​ of study: Latvian, English.

Deadlines for accepting documents: February 1 — April 1, 2020

More information: www.viaa.gov.lv/scholarships

E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Master of your business — Asel Ushatova

Асел Ушатова

Asel Ushatova — manager of the Office of accepting documents of the Department of organization of competitive procedures of JSC «Centre for International Programmes». ⠀

We accept and conduct competitive selection of applicants for the Bolashaq international scholarship. They submit them through the NAO “Government for Citizens” or through the portal of the “Electronic Government” (egov.kz). ⠀

We also carry out public services in the framework of international treaties and agreements concluded by our country. The work in our department is very responsible and time-consuming. The mission of our Centre is to help everyone who contacted us. ⠀

Asel Ushatova, before participating in the competition for the vacant position, worked at the Corporate University Samruk-Kazyna JSC, in the HR consulting department. She is a graduate of the Kazakh-Turkish University of Foreign Languages ​​and Business Careers "(Almaty) with a degree in Economics. ⠀

“At the university, I was studying under a grant, I was going to go to a magistracy for student exchange in Turkey, but I could not for family reasons. In the future I plan to study for a master's degree in the field of «Human resources» (HR), I also really want to unlearn a psychologist. In my work, I most of all love interacting with people, being useful”.


Куралай Елдесбай сайт

Құралай Елдесбай 2018 жылы «Болашақ»бағдарламасы арқылы Халықаралық қаржы орталықтары бағыты бойынша Ұлыбританияның TheCityUK ұйымында тағылымдамадан өткен.

Исламдық қаржы нарығына деген ел арасындағы қызығушылықтың анық бар екені талассыз, оны арнайы ұйымдастырлып жүрген конференция, семинарларға келушілердің легінен, ислам қаржы өнімдеріне деген сұраныстан көруге болады. Исламдық банк не қаржы ұйымдарының өнімдеріне деген сұраныс та аз емес.  Одан бөлек, осы сала бойынша білім алып, біліктілігін көтеруге ниеттілер қатары күн арта көбейіп келеді. Шариғи қаржы нарығына қызығушылықты АХҚО-ның маңындағы үздіксіз біліктілікті дамыту Бюросы аясында жүргізіліп жүрген ислам қаржы курстарына қатысушылар санынан қарап та болжамдауға болады. Бар-жоғы бір жарым жылда 100 жуық тыңдармандар курсқа қатысып, біршамасы экзамен тапсырып жатыр.

Құралай сарапшылардың болжамына сүйене отырып, ислам қаржы нарығы болашақта бірқатар мемлекеттерде әлі де қарқынды дамымақ және жаңа ел-мекендерде де көрініс табатын болатындығын айтады. Ал Қазақстан осы дамуға өзіндік үлесін қосуға дайын, оған арналған заңнамалық жұмыстар да жүргізілген. Исламдық қаржы нарығына ауадай қажет, қаржы нарығымен қатар Шариғатта да білімі бар Исламдық қаржы кеңесінің мүшелерін дайындау қажеттілігі де бар. Исламдық қаржысын жақсы білетін аудит, бухгалтерия, риск менеджер секілді мамандарды да табу қиындығын айта келе, аты аталған мәселелерді шешу жолында «Болашақ» бағдарламасының жасары көп деп білетіндігін жеткізеді.

«Болашақ» бағдарламасының түлектеріне жаңа белестер мен жетістіктер тілейміз.

«Bolashaq» журналының материалдары бойынша дайындалды: https://ru.calameo.com/read/006104428d72119cb7d64

Hungarian state fellowship programme


Hungary offers graduate programs in English for the academic year 2020–21:

- Master's program in food safety and quality (University of Saint-Istvan);

- Master in Horticulture (University of Saint-Istvan);

- Master's program in the field of animal feed and feed safety (Kaposvarinsky University).


- a citizen of one of the countries on the list posted on fao.org;

- achievements in school;

- level of knowledge of the English language;

- letter of justification;

- health information;

- Applicants under 30 years old participate.

The scholarship covers the following expenses:

- application for training and payment for the entire period of study with basic books and notes;

- hostel;

- living expenses;

- health insurance.

All of the above costs are funded by the Hungarian government in accordance with the agreement between the FAO and Hungary, concluded in 2007.

The scholarship covers only student expenses, family members are not provided.

The application must be sent to the email address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

Applications are accepted only by email.

Application deadline: January 15 — February 28, 2020.

For more information, please visit: http://www.fao.org/europe/news/detail-news/en/c/1257432 /

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