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«Болашақ» хабарында

ХБО, Оқытуды ұйымдастыру және мониторингілеу департаменті директоры — Жансая Құмарбекова,

Болашақ түлегі — Бақытжан Төлімбет.


Жүргізуші-редактор — Жадыра Жұмакүлбай

Мастер своего дела — Толганай Балыкова

Толғанай Балықова

Толганай Балыкова – менеджер Управления трудоустройства и мониторинга выпускников АО «Центр международных программ». Она – мама троих детей, заботливая жена. В центре работает с апреля 2012 года. До этого она два месяца проходила бесплатную стажировку. Выпускница Карагандинского института актуального образования «Болашақ» прежде работала в гостиничном бизнесе и в туристической компании.

В Центре Толганай сначала работала в канцелярии, затем в Управлении стран Континентальной Европы, где была куратором 150 студентов. В управлении трудоустройства и мониторинга выпускников помогает выпускникам в трудоустройстве.

«Если выпускник обращается, что у него нет работы, мы изучаем, по какой специальности к нам обращаются работодатели и если спрос среди этого перечня совпадает с его специальностью – мы направляем туда резюме нашего выпускника»,— рассказывает Толганай.

По ее словам, работодатели часто обращаются в управление трудоустройства и мониторинга выпускников, так как часто желают принять на работу болашакеров. Но большинство выпускников устраиваются самостоятельно.

Competition «iTest: best result»

bilim media group

Attention! From February 3 to July 17, 2020, the annual social and educational republican contest «iTest: The Best Result» will be held. This is a unique opportunity for all students of 11th grades of Kazakhstan to win a grant at a higher educational institution.

The main goal of the competition is to increase the general level of students' knowledge, as well as support senior students of rural and city schools in effective preparation for final certification and UNT using the national online educational resource www.itest.kz.

For the best participants, in addition to grants, valuable prizes will be awarded throughout the contest!

The competition was organized by Bilim Media Group with the support of the General Partner — Almaty Management University (AlmaU), the partner is the International University of Information Technology (IUIT) and the sponsor is Alser.

Participation is completely free!

You can find out more information on the website www.itest.kz 


телефон не работает

Dear Friends!

We inform you that some of the Centre's subscriber numbers do not work due to problems on the part of the operator. We will additionally inform you about the restoration of the operability of the numbers.

We apologize for the inconvenience.



Within the framework of ISPs, applicants can receive education at universities of the Republic of Azerbaijan at the degrees of bachelor, master, doctorate of basic medical education and residency.

The educational process in the Higher educational institutions of the Republic of Azerbaijan begins on September 15. For students with inadequate knowledge of the language of instruction or specialty, preparatory courses are organized. The duration of the courses is from 6 months to one year, which is determined by the institution of higher education.

Applicants must meet the following criteria:

Candidates choose 3 universities and a specialty at will;

If the candidate chooses the degree following the bachelor, then his specialty must correspond to the bachelor's degree;

Corresponding academic evidence of a previous degree of education (general secondary education, undergraduate, basic medical education, magistracy, residency) should not be lower than 51 points or lower than their equivalents;

Proficiency in the language of instruction in the specialty chosen by the candidate (in case of unsatisfactory knowledge of the language or specialty, applicants will receive education in preparatory courses);

Local and international achievements (if available).

Applicants who wish to study in specialties in English are exempted from checking their knowledge of the language if they have scored enough points in one of the international exams for the IELTS 5.0 bachelor's degree, 40 TOEFL for further education degrees, 5.5 IELTS for degrees, TOEFL 50 points).

Required documents

- Completed application form (attached application form)

- Diplomas and transcripts of previous higher schools or universities

- Copy of your passport

- Certificate of general health (including tests for HIV / AIDS, Hepatitis B and C)

- CV or resume

- Motivation letter (Cover letter)

- Document confirming knowledge of English

Proficiency in languages ​​(for programs in foreign languages ​​for a bachelor's degree IELTS 5., TOEFL 40 points, for subsequent degrees of education IELTS 5.5, TOEFL 50 points)

Note: Persons wishing to receive an education following a bachelor's degree at higher educational institutions of the Republic of Azerbaijan must submit the originals of the diploma and annexes to the diploma on the previous degree, legalized in the established order (or apostille).

List of proposed higher education institutions and links by specialty

1. ADA University


2. Azerbaijan Arts Academy


3. Azerbaijan Medical University


4. Azerbaijan National Conservatory


5. Azerbaijan State Agricultural University


6. Azerbaijan State Oil and Industry University


7. Azerbaijan State Pedagogical University


8. Azerbaijan State University of Culture and Arts


9. Azerbaijan State University of Economics


10. AzerbaijanTechnicalUniversity


11. Azerbaijan University of Architecture and Construction

Detailed information on the website: https://studyinazerbaijan.edu.az/web/

Contacts of the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Azerbaijan:

- Nijat Mammadli — Head of International Cooperation Department This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

- Muzdat Hasanov — Head of the Education Abroad and Work with Foreign Students Sector

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

- Gunay Jafarzadeh — Advisor to the education sector abroad and working with foreign students

(+99412) 5991155 (extension 5307)

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


соц сеть болашақ

Dear Friends!

We inform you that JSC Centre for International Programmes has official accounts in the following social networks:

Facebook — Bolashaq Presidental Scholarship

Instagram — bolashaq.cip

Telegram — Bolashaq News

Twitter — Bolashaq Presidential Scholarship

Our center is located at: Nur-Sultan, Mangilik avenue 55/13, Business Center “EXPO”, Block S2–1, 2nd floor.

Opening hours: Monday — Friday, 9.00 — 18.30


Болашак чарити2

The Bolashaq Corporate Fund announces the acceptance of applications for the Travel Grants project in 2020. A unique social project has been implemented by the fund since 2014 with funds from the annual Winter Charity Event. Applications are accepted until December 31 of this year.

Over the 6 years that the project has existed, the fund has awarded 80 grants. Since 2014, the fund has received more than 100 applications.

Holders of travel grants from the Bolashaq Foundation won one grand prix, two gold, four silver, and ten bronze medals in nearly 30 championships in 20 countries.

The aim of the project is to identify and promote talented youth, including those who do not have sufficient funds, to participate in creative competitions, intellectual and sports competitions in Kazakhstan and abroad.

The travel grant covers the transportation costs of the participant to the venue and back. Anyone can apply for a grant, including school students, graduates of orphanages and boarding schools, students, young professionals and others.

We are very pleased that our grant holders are people who are strong in spirit and body, with unshakable will, bold and at the same time they are dreamers who set themselves high standards, great goals and will certainly achieve them!

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