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The first meeting of the project «Bolashaq Talks» discussion platform was held


On January 17, 2020, the Centre for International Programmes organized the first meeting of the Bolashaq Talks Pikirtalas alańy project.

The event was attended by Vice Minister of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan Miras Daulenov, Vice Minister of Health of the Republic of Kazakhstan Olzhas Abishev, Chairman of the Board of Education Fund Aryn Orsariyev, Vice President of Nazarbayev University Kadisha Dairova, Dean of the Higher School of Education AEO Nazarbayev University and Director of the National School of Public Policy of the Academy of Public Administration under the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan Marta Abdikalykova.

The first meeting of the discussion club in conjunction with the Alliance of Young Scientists and the Council of Young Scientists at the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan is devoted to the topic “Employment issues for young scientists”.

Speaking at the opening of the event, Miras Daulenov, Vice Minister of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan, emphasized that such a discussion platform is of great importance for the graduates of the Bolashak program. He also noted the merits of today's Bolashak residents in the life of the country, and their contribution to the development of domestic science and education.

Plenary and panel discussions covered topics such as the employment of young scientists, including medical specialists, and the state of surgical vertebrology in Kazakhstan.

During the plenary discussion, the Chairman of the Alliance of Young Scientists, Asiya Ermukhambetova, spoke about the existing problems of employing young scientists. A number of recommendations were also proposed to support young scientists, such as increasing funding for projects of young scientists, technical equipment of the laboratory. To ensure the effectiveness of the research, young scientists proposed to conduct an examination on the relevant topic of a specific employer.

At the panel discussion, one of the rare specialists in the field of spinal surgery of the country, Nurbek Nadirov, PhD doctor, orthopedic traumatologist, vertebrologist (pediatric and adult), spoke about the state of surgical vertebrology in Kazakhstan. A negative tendency for symptoms of scoliosis disease among children was noted. Today, Kazakhstan has underdeveloped prophylactic treatment, and the identification of genetic symptoms of scoliosis. Also, Nurbek Nadirov shared his long-standing dream of creating a “Spinal Injury Center” in Kazakhstan.

The speakers who presented their presentations on these issues received specific answers from representatives of the departments. As for the proposals, specific mechanisms for resolving them will be considered.

The invitees also noted that the discussion platform “Bolashaq Talks” would be an excellent occasion for dialogue between the Bolashak people and government officials. The next meeting of Bolashaq Talks is scheduled for February this year.

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