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Between March 3 and May 9, 2014, a group of university teachers from Pavlodar became the first participants from Kazakhstan to partake in an internship programme organized by Lund University Commissioned Education (LUCE) at Lund University, Sweden. The internship aims to deepen the knowledge about education management in a changing university.

One participant says: “The internship met all my expectations; it is perfectly thought-out and interesting. The high professionalism should be noted. In a relatively short period of time I learned a great amount and had the welcome possibility to communicate with other professionals.”

The Internship and Professional Development Programme Educational Management in a University Culture of Change is specifically developed and structured according to the needs of the participants in their professional development as well as to the needs of the Kazakhstan education system in general. The internship’s core team of teachers, Professor Jitka Lindén, Associate Professor Malin Irhammar, and Assistant Professor Robert Holmberg, are highly qualified academics within the field of Psychology and experienced in working issues concerning educational development. Malin Irhammar has also been the vice-chancellor at the neighboring Kristianstad University, as well as Director of the Centre for Educational Development (CED), thus bringing in the perspective of the university top management in the internship. The core team has followed the participants throughout the programme. The internship offers a multitude of components and methods, such as lectures, seminars, project work and study visits. One such study visit is with the Head of the Teacher Training Programme, Ms. Sinikka Neuhaus, pictured here.

These methods give the participants a holistic perspective on the structure of Lund University and its processes of change, including the implementation of the Bologna system and its consequences for university teachers administrators, and on the management and assessment of education. The internship aims to increase the participants’ skills within their field by basing the lectures, seminars and study visits on the latest research, provided by Lund University’s experienced academic and research staff.

During the internship, the participants have had many opportunities to meet and make new contacts with staff at the faculties of Lund University, and the teachers in the programme aim to continue this cooperation. Lund University now plans for a follow-up visit to Kazakhstan later this year to further strengthen the relationship and knowledge transfer, aiming for a continued two week course at Pavlodar University.

During the 10 weeks of internship the participants have met a number of key persons and high officals at Lund University to discuss a multitude issues within the field of educational management and internationalization of the higher education system. These officials include among others, Per Warfvinge, Assistant Dean for Education and International Relations at the Faculty of Engineering (LTH); Åsa Lindberg-Sand, Director of the Centre for Educational Development (CED) and Susanne Norrman, Director of Commissioned Education at Lund university (LUCE). All these new contacts will form a platform for future cooperation between Sweden and Kazakhstan through the Bolashak programme.


Founded in 1666, Lund University is today one of the largest, oldest and broadest universities in Scandinavia and is consistently ranked among the world’s top 100 universities. Lund University has an excellent academic reputation with a large number of visiting professors and international students.

With eight faculties, the University’s activities cover education and research in engineering, science, law, social sciences, economics, medicine, humanities, theology, fine arts, music and drama. Around 46 000 students study at the University, which has some 6000 employees. The University has some 30 world-leading research environments.



As one of the oldest cities in Sweden dating back to 990, Lund is a city of contrasts where 1 000 years of history blend with modern knowledge and ideas. In Lund, you find the charm of a small picturesque, cobble-stoned city, side-by side with big city attractions such as services, shopping, restaurants and cultural events. Lund is only 10 minutes away from Sweden’s third largest city and 40 minutes from the international airport in Copenhagen, making it a great hub for travel throughout Sweden and Europe. Voted the best place to live in Sweden, Lund is a safe city with the healthiest, richest and youngest population in the country.


Lund University Commissioned Education makes the resources of Scandinavia’s largest university available to companies, organisations and authorities aiming to develop their business and staff. The courses and programmes are tailored to suit the professional development needs of the participants www.education.lu.se

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